Ends on April 30, 2019

Anyone interested in registering for a Chautauqua Writers' Center scholarship should first visit writers.chq.org to learn more about the program, then select "2019 Workshops and Writers-in-Residence" at the bottom of that page to learn more about specific offerings.

Winners of this scholarship will participate in 2-3 weeks of Monday-Friday workshops, supported by free dormitory housing (shared with one roommate), a free 21-meal plan for the week, and a steep gate pass discount. 

Winners are obligated to pay the combined cost of workshop tuition and a discounted gate pass, totaling $430-$615 depending on length of stay. (For the same length of stay, the typical total cost of tuition plus gate pass would normally approach $1000 for youth through age 25, $2000 for visitors over age 25.) Considering the additional value of housing/dining on the grounds, this scholarship covers multiple thousands of dollars of costs.

Applicants must be contemplating their first* visit to Chautauqua Institution and be at least 19** years old at the time they hope to arrive on the grounds. There are nine weeks of workshops, and each week features a poetry workshop and a prose workshop.

Winners are chosen based on evidence of a commitment to writing that aligns with the workshop(s) they prefer to attend. We strongly advise applicants to see what other programs they might enjoy attending during their week-long stay and selecting preferred weeks with that in mind. 

Each week features readings and lectures by our writers-in-residence, at least one CLSC author presentation, and too many other programs, literary and otherwise, to name here. Gate passes serve as complimentary general admission to all Amphitheater and Hall of Philosophy programs—and more!—from lectures presented in partnership with National Geographic, the National Comedy Center, Krista Tippett and "On Being," and Jazz at Lincoln Center to performances by Diana Ross, Rhiannon Giddens, in-residence dance companies Charlotte Ballet and Pilobolus, and our very own Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra.

For more information about the entire 2019 summer season, visit chq.org/2019.

*One or two spots will be made available to prior winners who would like to return. These opportunities will be competitive, just as the first-time opportunities are.

**If you or a writer you know will be between the ages of 14 and 18 in the summer of 2019, we encourage you to explore our Young Writers Institute.